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About Us


Wellbeing has a dedicated team of chiropractors in Brunswick  adept at providing treatment for a variety of spinal, musculoskeletal issues and joint pain, for patients of all ages.

We use a combination of various chiropractic treatments to restore functioning of the spine, muscles and joints, and treat chronic pain. From long-term injuries to other conditions, our team is equipped to help patients recover from a number of conditions.

Apart from being knowledgeable in their field, our team of chiropractors are also warm and amiable, and committed to offer a great patient experience throughout the treatment and beyond.

Our Procedures

Our Brunswick  chiropractors are renowned for their unique approach to chiropractic treatments that involve a combination of conventional and modern procedures. Using multiple spinal manipulation procedures, our chiropractors are invested in helping improve your spinal health and overall wellbeing. With numerous techniques involved in chiropractic adjustments, we make conscious use of combinations that will result in the most effective outcomes. Our facility is also equipped with state-of-the-equipment, such as Carestream Radiographic Processors, Postural Analysis Hardware, PostureRay X-Ray Analysis Software, Atlas instruments, Cliniko Management Software, Omni drop piece tables, and several adjusting instruments, that further help our team of chiropractors restore functioning and improvement in our patients.

Our Qualifications

All of the chiropractors that are part of the Wellbeing family are graduates from renowned chiropractor colleges across the globe. We are certified and well equipped to carry out all treatments for nervous and musculoskeletal systems, such as the Activator methods, Diversified techniques, Extremity manipulation and more. Apart from spinal manipulation techniques, we also provide chiropractic therapies like soft tissue manual therapy, spinal traction, and a number of physical therapy modalities.

What to expect

At Wellbeing, we strive to make the facility a welcoming space for people from all walks of life to make their healing journey more comfortable. Regardless of the condition that our patients are dealing with, we create an environment that aims to offer a more holistic improvement in their wellbeing. Our vast network of healthcare professionals ensures that patients get the care they deserve, both physically and mentally.

While providing treatment for conditions dealing with your musculoskeletal and nervous systems, we also work alongside allied professionals from various healthcare fields (Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Psychology, Kinesiology, Myotherapy, Massage Therapy and more) to provide all-round treatment, over and above chiropractic procedures. With an aim to witness the overall wellbeing of all our patients, our team of Brunswick  chiropractors are here to help you on your journey towards wellbeing.

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